About Alice Pirsu

I think of myself as an "international citizen of the world".

Born in Bucharest, Romania, I became a professional tennis player at age of 12. Playing on the tour I traveled to more than 50 countries around the world where I discovered passion for art, foreign languages, and the richness of cultural diversity.  In each city I traveled, every day I was off the court, I would immerse myself in visiting local museums, architectural landmarks, and learning about the local culture and history.

After my tennis career I attended the University of Pennsylvania and earned a degree in Economics and International Relations. A desire to help people and create change in the world led me to an internship with the U.S. Senate. Yet, in spite of all these accomplishments, I felt something was missing and continued to search for my path and returned to my early passion in life, art, art history and design.

I earned my degree from the New York School of Interior Design and from there I had the privilege to work with renowned interior design firms in NYC on multi-million dollar home renovation projects in NYC, the Hamptons, and Bedford, NY.

In 2010 I created my own firm, Alice Pirsu Interiors.

Being a professional athlete has shaped my work ethic, dedication and drive with which I wake up every day to run my business. My European heritage, extensive travels and love for art are the foundations of my design aesthetic. 

Winston Churchill once said: "We shape our homes......and then our homes shape us". My work comes from a deep understanding of how environments shape our life experiences. Our quality of life is a function of design- spatial relationships, circulation, lighting, color choices, and sheer practicality of space.

I design safe, functional, elegant, and timeless environments for families to grow and thrive in.

My calling is to create connection and self-expression through creating homes that are inspiring, timeless, and reflect the owner's personality.

I strongly believe that a designer is a conduit through which the client's vision, lifestyle and dream home is expressed. My commitment is to use my design expertise to listen, understand and help create and realize the home where you belong. 

The best compliment I've received was from an out of town mother visiting her daughter after completing our design project. She walked through the home and then she stopped and said "The home is so much like my daughter, it is essentially her in every detail!"


Westchester Home Magazine, The Best Home Professionals 2017

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